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Caster Type Medium-sized electric cart Caster Type Medium-sized electric cart
빆紐(Items) 궡슜(Contents)
紐⑦꽣(Mortor) DC 24V, 400W
諛고꽣由(Battery) DC 12V, 40AH x 2
씠뼱(Tire) 18 x 7.00 - 7inch Tubeless
씠뼱媛꾧꺽(Tire Distance) 80cm
李⑥껜洹쒓꺽(Body Size) 138(L) x 84(W) x 102(H)cm
쟻옱븿洹쒓꺽(Cargo Size)
105(L) x 75(W) x 24(H)cm
李⑥껜以묐웾(Body Weight)
理쒓퀬냽룄(Max. Speed)
쟻옱뒫젰(Capacity) 200kg
쉶쟾諛섍꼍(Radius of rotation) pinwheeling
異⑹쟾湲(Charger) 5A, Digital Method

산린怨꾩꽦뒫 뼢긽쓣 쐞븯뿬 삁怨좎뾾씠 궗뼇씠 蹂寃쎈맆 닔 엳뒿땲떎.