Pathfinder in of Atomation Agricultural Machinery International Competitiveness ofSouth Korea셲 Developed Agricultural Leading eco-industry pioneer in automation equipment! KEUNWOO TECH
Corporate Identity
- 떖蹂쇰쭏겕
This symbol is the sign mat represents Keunwoo Tech-specilic image. It signifies the coocepl,
* bloom like flower! This sign sought to embrace Ihe creative vision towards the future, and
challenging view of the company by using K and T. English initials for the Keunwoo Tech.
When examined in general. K and T are gathered logether as one. This signifies all the harmonies,
and this force help blossom technology and llower that impresses people. Blue signifies
trust and white signifies harmony.
Brand Identity
  • 紐쎈떎由
  • 몮냼
  • 뵿룄由
  • 굹瑜댁꽱
  • 李몄꽱
  • 瑗щ쭩