Pathfinder in of Atomation Agricultural Machinery International Competitiveness ofSouth Korea셲 Developed Agricultural Leading eco-industry pioneer in automation equipment! KEUNWOO TECH
Keunwoo Tech is
environment friendly automation farm machine manufacturing specialized company.
Keunwoo Tech is the company correctly building future agriculture, and pursuing advanced agriculture.
Currently agriculture product market liberation is getting faster
due to conclusion of FTA, and agricultural population is graying,
and women are forming larger proportion of agriculture population,
and then farm village absolutely lacks labor.

Keunwoo Tech Co Ltd. grafts factory automation technology
onto seeding and transportation that labor is most required,
and develops the convenient product for farmer to use with all
our soul and might, by using environment friendly energy.
Agriculture is carried out in order of sowing seeds, growing crop,
harvesting, and transporting it, and Keunwoo Tech will take on
the beginning and end of agriculture onto our own shoulders,
and will make an effort to work for the farmer hand and foot.
We will not forget that car and semiconductor was created
because there was basis of agriculture, and will put spurs to
development of automated farm machine which fits topology
of our country, and is convenient for farmer to use. We will
make an effort to carry out human oriented management, ethical
. environmental management, talent management and customer satisfaction
management in order to sublimate indigenous technology in world wide technology.

Keunwoo Tech will consider basis to be important, Thank you.
CEO Choon-sook Park of Keunwoo Tech Co.. Ltd.